There’s a Difference Between Job and Customer

Employees of the TTC (Toronto Transit Commission) are getting annoyed with the way many of them are being treated and how people don’t respect them because of incidents that have happened recently with specific drivers. The most recent being when a TTC bus driver was pulled over by police after passengers in her bus called 911 because of her erratic driving. She was removed from the bus and asked to take a breathalyzer test. She didn’t blow over .08 but did blow high enough to warrant a 72 hour driving suspension.

TTC general manager Gary Webster sent a letter to all employees saying that he was tired of defending TTC employees. Transit users have been complaining about TTC service and workers and even sending in pictures like this one of a transit worker sleeping in a subway booth,

Pictures like this and countless complaints have been making headlines for weeks. TTC employees are calling this harassment.

TTC employees started a Facebook page called “Toronto Transit Operators against public harassment” where employees could post stories and pictures about things that TTC riders have done.

This has gone too far. The TTC workers should know that this is their job. They should be professional and courteous no matter how they are treated. That is how it is in a job where you have to interact with the public. There will always be people who act like asses. Obviously TTC riders shouldn’t be mean to the workers but it’s hard not to be disrespectful to them when they act like asses to you. I try to be kind to TTC workers but if I ask for a map or information and the employee who I’m asking treats me like crap then why should I be respectful to him.

The main thing is that TTC workers are “EMPLOYEES”. They are doing a job and getting paid. TTC riders are paying for a service and should be getting the best that can be given to them and like any service, if it isn’t good, people will complain.


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  1. #1 by Toronto Transit Concerns on June 19, 2010 - 18:47

    oh man! poor guy in the picture but geez!

  2. #2 by Nicholas on March 23, 2010 - 12:44

    It’s sad that even hoping for not-actively-hostile treatment from TTC employees is likely to be seen as “attacking” them.

    But it will.

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