No More Than Fifteen Minutes of Fame.

If you were watching the oscars last week you might have noticed a certain actress nominated for best actress. If you watch Oprah you might also have seen her on Oprahs show. This woman is Gabourey Sidibe, she played the lead role in the movie “Precious”. People like Oprah have gotten involved because she’s black (African-American) and because she is a large woman. Now I have watched a lot of movies (quite a lot actually) an I have never seen another part that she could play. What does this mean for her career. In my opinion it won’t be much of a career. She will simply be another person who got her fifteen minutes of fame. In a year or so the only people who will remember who she is are people who are watching the movie. I know I’m being harsh, but the reason there aren’t many large black women in the movies is because the movie industry is extremely racist, condescending, and superficial when it comes to women actors. That’s the way it is. If you are a woman trying to get a part in a movie you have to be white (caucasian), skinny, and extremely good looking (in a very stereotypical, fake boobed, tummy tucked way). Sure there are one or two movies every year that need a large black lady (usually a very stereotypical part like big momma) but that will usually go to Queen Latifa. So congrats to Gabourey, I hope you have enjoyed your fifteen minutes of fame. Now you should just quietly fade away. Because if you try and fight it you might get a reputation like bald baby-dropping Britney Spears and will be thrown out of the “famous peoples club”.


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