Toronto Schools Going to Charge for Water

I really don’t know what to say about this. It is just too absurd. This is an article from

A handful of parents is questioning a plan by Toronto’s public board to put a vending machine in an elementary school, charging students 50 cents for water refills and $1 for flavoured water.

Kids can still refill reusable water bottles at the drinking fountain; the vending machine will provide the same municipal water, but filtered and chilled. The flavoured water it will offer is essentially watered-down juice.

The $10,000 machine, which is part of a pilot program, was scheduled to be installed at Fern Avenue on Monday, … parents raised concerns and started a petition, the matter has been put on the agenda for this Thursday’s school council meeting.

Area trustee Irene Atkinson said the issue has been discussed already at several parent council meetings, and she has only heard complaints from two parents.

“The fact of the matter is these machines go in, and kids have a choice – they can refill their own container at home, fill it from the water fountain at the school or they can pay 50 cents to get purified water or they can spend a buck.”

Catherine Parsonage, senior manager of business development at the Toronto District School Board, said even in five years’ time, the machine will not have made enough money to pay for itself, so it is not considered a revenue generator.

However, the school’s website says one of the pilot project’s goals is to “provide vending revenues to offset the capital and variable costs and reduce the impact of lost vending machine revenues” from junk-food bans.

I know the TDSB has had some stupid ideas and as far as I’m concerned there are enough extra charges for things as it is. but this has to be the stupidest thing they have ever done.

Read the full article here


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