God Save The Queen? Maybe Not.

In my world politics class I recently had to hold a seminar about wether Canada should remain acknowledging the queen as our head of state or wether we should remove the influence of the British monarchy. It was the basic sovereignty debate. I just watched a show on CBC about the royal family and was shown a debate that took place in England about removing the monarchy from England. After hours of tiring research and in depth analysis (yeah right) I realized that not too many people like the queen. I kind of feel sorry for her. She’s really just an old lady with a big pair of outdated glasses that make her look a bit like an owl (thanks eddie izzard for that simile. That’s not much of a simile is it. Oh well). We should be kind. In Canada we don’t actually send any money to the royal family so why be mad at her. She hasn’t done anything bad really. Yet. Maybe if she does then we can start complaining. But for now let’s just leave her alone. Also, don’t forget you get the odd day off here and there because of her.



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