Blog post- Think Twice Before Walking Into The Den.

I’ve been watching “Dragons Den”. For those of you who don’t know what that is it is a show where entreprneurs try to get a group of rich businessmen and one woman to invest in their businesses. I’ve now watched a few episodes and I still can’t understand why some people would go on the show. You’d think that by now all the people who want to get money from the dragons (businessmen and woman) would have watched a few episodes of the show and realized that they don’t have a good business or they don’t know enough to make a good sales pitch to the dragons. From what I’ve seen so far this week out of 10 people, 2 get offers and 1 takes an offer. The others get torn apart by the dragons. Then there is the segment of stuff that wasn’t even worth showing all of. That’s less than 10% success rate. Rediculous. As usual (well as usual starting today) to the three people who read this, feel free to comment or message me on Twitter (William_Penman).

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