Blog post- Excellence can’t be measured in dollars and cents

The Olympic games have been around since the ancient Greeks started them thousands of years ago. The aim of the olympic is to promote atheletic excellence and reward people for it. All the money spent on the vancouver olympics is not a waste of money that could be spent on the poor, sick, unemployed and those who cannot afford the nessecities of life. This is because the Canadian government already gives lots of money to the poor. The olympics promote peace and social interaction and they also promote social excellence.

The Canadian government gives billions of taxpayer dollars a year so that those people who struggle with financial issues will not have to as much. It is time that all the other taxpayers had some if their money spent on something they can enjoy or benefit from. The olympics may cost a lot of money but the majority of it will be earned back through gate money and many businesses will make lots of money due to the influx of people in Vancouver. All the government is doing is helping the rest of the taxpayers and giving them their money back.

The olympics have always promoted peace and social interaction. Wherever the olympics take place people from all over the world come together and celebrate the achievements of their countries. In Vancouver right now there are masses of people walking around wearing clothing supporting almost every country in the world. These people are partying, talking and generally interacting happily and politely. People from countries that normally wouldn’t want to be in the same country together. All peacefully gathering and enjoying the games.

If the olympics weren’t around would there still be atheletes? The olympics promote atheletic excellence around the world. Atheletes everywhere strive to get an olympic gold medal. If there was no gold medal to win then there probably wouldn’t be many atheletes. Sure there might be one or two saying that they are the fastest runners or skaters but there wouldn’t be any recognition for them. No prize. This is the main reason for the olympics.

People believe the olympics are a big waste of taxpayer money. Money that could be spent on things like the poor, the homeless, and people who need government help. These people are wrong because the olympics are about so much more than money. The olympics are a nessecity and canadians should be proud to have the olympics in Canada.

The Olympic games are not just about money. The money spent on the olympics is not a waste. The government already gives lots of money to the poor and the olympics are an even that promotes peace and social interaction and atheletic excellence.

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