Blog post- Dating then and today

It used to be so simple. A boy would ask a girl out on a date and that was it. Nowadays anything goes. A date used to be dinner, drinks, or dancing but that too has changed. Then, there was “date ettiquette”, that has also changed dramatically.

In the past, a boy would ask a girl out on a date. Sometime he would even have to ask her father before asking her. Today anyone can ask anyone, and it’s usually best if the parents don’t find out at all. Instead of the boy asking the girl, the girl will ask the boy, or maybe a friend of the girl will say to the boy “Hey, she likes you, do you want to go out with her?” Sometimes a group of the girls friends and a group of the guys friends will say “they would make a great couple” and set them up on a date. Then there is any combination of boy and girl couples including two guys, two girls, and anything else you can think of. It sure has changed a lot.

The ways that people ask each other out on dates hasn’t changed, there are just more ways to do it. It used to be the boy would talk to the girl, in person or on the phone. That still happens, just less frequently. Today there are different ways of communicating so there are different ways of asking people out on a date. One of the most popular is the Internet wether it’s a dating website, social network or plain email, there are lots of ways to get a date. The other new popular way is texting. Almost everyone has a cell phone and most people know how to text. Of course people still make real phone calls and talk to the person if they happen to meet. That just happens less frequently.

“Date etiquette” which is what I call what happens on a date (it’s like table etiquette but for a date) has changed in the same way that the method for asking someone for a date has changed. Sometimes the old methods are used but it’s usually the new ones. It used to be that the boy would take the girl somewhere for a meal and then sometimes an activity such as a dance or maybe a walk in the park or a movie. When this happened, the boy would always pay for the meal and anything else that required money. Today the cost is usually split, each person will pay for their own meal, their own movie ticket and any other cost that is theirs. That doesn’t always happen of course. Sometimes the old method is used.

Dating today is much more complicated than it used to be. There used to be a solid set of “rules” or “etiquette” that were followed on a date. Today all that has been thrown out and anything goes.

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