Blog post- Canada becoming a “warrior nation”

Since Canada started it’s mission in Afghanistan it has fairly quickly become a “warrior nation”. The mission is a highly public one, one noticed often by the media. This media coverage is showing Canadian troops as fighters instead of peacekeepers. The way UN peacekeepers work is that they do not fight unless they are attacked. Currently, the Canadians are on an “offensive” (according to Stephen Harper). Last time I checked peacekeepers didn’t go on “offensives”. In my opinion the image of the Canadian forces being created is very one sided. We only seem to be told about the soldiers killed or suicide bombers and all the bad things and never the good things like all the IED’s (improvised explosive devices) that are found or the schools built. It seems like this has been blown out of proportion by the media. All we ever seem to hear about is Afghanistan. Remember last year when the Canadian navy captured a load of pirates? Not really. But you remember all those reports about Canadian soldiers being killed. What about the relief that was sent during hurricane katrina? Nope. Nothing much. But there was lots of coverage about when Stephen Harper went to Afghanistan. Canada is still a peacekeeping nation but that image is being tarnished by the media.

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