A False Hope

I don’t really want to be negative but that’s the way this is going to sound. As you probably know Twitter is becoming a big thing in social networking. Or is it. So far about 4 or 5 people I actually know and talk to or communicate with reguarly use Twitter. This means that in total I might have about 10 followers taking into account the people I don’t want to follow or who are accidentally following me and just haven’t stopped following me. Now you have to factor in celebrities and companies and bands etc. who also use Twitter that I am following. Maybe 10. 20 at the most. These are people that won’t follow me unless they follow everyone that is following them on Twitter. This should bring up the number of my followers to about 20-25 at the most. So I ask you this. Why do I have upwards of 40 followers which is nearly double of my estimated number of people who should be following me. Now for those of you who don’t know, Twitter is all about achieving the most number of followers possible. If I was famous I might have upwards of a million followers. Now I have found out that most of the people following you that you are not following are “porn bots”. You can identify these by looking at the number of tweets that they have made and the number of people they are following and the number of people following them. I they are following 900 people and have 3 followers and have made 1 tweet (usually something like “check out this site” followed by a link) they are “porn bots”. I think people are being given a false hope because of these spammers (that’s really what they are). They start to believe that the have a huge popularity because of the number of followers they have. Try asking a question to everyone on Twitter and see how many answers or replied you get. You might get one or two from people you see everyday at work or school who you could probably ask in person. There is one last way that Twitter give us hope. That is the celebrities that are on Twitter. They post stuff and make you feel like you know more about them and maybe feel a connection to them. You don’t. I’m sure if people stopped sending them crap like “OMG I love you! Come to Argentina!!” then they might respond to legit questions and statements that everyone makes. So stop sending crap to celebrities and give up hope. Twitter is for disillusioned people and people with lots of “friends” and celebrities.

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